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We analyze your deal to make sure it makes sense to our lenders, and we work with you to get to the closing table.  We want to ensure that your transaction will provide your expected profit in the end.

We Are Passionate

We live for real estate.  Our love of a great real estate purchase is still strong.  It is our goal to become your trusted partner throughout the rest of your real estate career.

Honest and Dependable

We offer you a single source to obtain your necessary funds.  You no longer have to send in your private information to several sources waiting to get a yes.  We provide you with an online safe and secure portal in which to upload your private information.

We CAN Fund Your Next Deal

Our lending programs include the fix & flip loan, long-term buy-and-hold rental loans, commercial real estate including multifamily projects and new construction lending. Call us and let us do the work of putting your funding together.

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About Us

As a division of the Revest group of companies, we bring an entire team to the table. Our corporate family includes a general contracting firm, a tax and accounting firm, a property rehab company and a property management company. Our team has such a vast experience that it seems that we have seen or done almost everything inthe real estate universe.

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